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Clockwork Echo Pedal


Clockwork Echo - Classic tape echo pedal built in collaboration w/ Howard Davis

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Clockwork Echo - Classic tape echo pedal built in collaboration w/ Howard Davis

A 70's Legend Reborn

In conjunction with Howard Davis (Inventor of the original Deluxe Memory Man) we have created a long awaited solution. It seems that guitarists are starting to forget about the magic of old school designs in favor of modern digital products. Such a change is probably due to convenience. Just like the original Deluxe Memory Man or the classic Tape Echoes nothing has ever replaced them in terms of musicality and inspiration. The problem with these older designs is that did not have modern controllability.

Vintage meets Modern


Mix: Use this to blend your dry signal with your wet signal. The wetter the mix the more apparent all functions are. You will find the perfect blend for your needs but don’t be afraid to go over the top.

Level: Use this to control the pedal’s output level. This function works even if the delay is not engaged giving you a very nice push. The delay will always stay relative to the volume output so you will not have an out of balance mix between the two

Time: Use this to control the delay time from almost imperceptible (which creates chorus and Leslie sounds) all the way to 600ms of delay for the long lush sounds.

Repeats: Use this to control the amount of repeats. Go from one repeat all the way to crazy oscillation.

Modulation: This is a very powerful feature that can achieve pretty amazing sounds. Set the repeats to the shortest (All the way lef) set the delay time as well to its shortest setting (all the way lef) and then start playing with the speed and depth. You can find some amazing chorus sounds, Leslie sounds and a bunch of craziness in between. If you use this feature in its typical fashion you can achieve the lush wow and flutter of an old tape echo or remove the modulation altogether. We made this feature foot switchable so you can bring it in on the fly and take it out just as fast.

Speed: Use this to control the speed of the vibrato

Depth: Use this to control the depth of the vibrato

Key Features:

  • Size & Power
  • 4.75X5.25X1.25 in. 2.25 in. to top of knob
  • 2 lbs.
  • 9V/DC NEGATIVE TIP ONLY! No Battery available
  • Stereo Outputs – Left and Right outputs – the delayed notes are true stereo not dual mono so one side is out of phase. This does not affect your dry signal
  • Expression Pedal Inputs:
  • There are two expression pedal inputs one to control repeats and one to control delay time. We prefer to use the BOSS EV-5 or it’s respective like.
  • Tap Tempo – Controls the delay time by tapping to the beat or around the beat, whatever your needs are. BONUS: If you hold down the Tap Tempo button for 2 seconds it will default to the famous Scotty Moore slap back setting of approximately 115-120ms. You will have to manually adjust repeats or modulation to taste but this helps in making the slap back setting easy and consistent.
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MPN CWE 9520-051
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